Whether it’s 7:00 AM or 11:00 PM – We are at your service always!

You are looking for solutions from locksmithing experts that service the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. You demand a safe environment for your family and business.

You will not settle for second best. You want to have an experienced professional immediately available when you need help getting doors unlock for your vehicle, home or business. These are just some of the reasonable expectations anyone would have when thinking about who to choose for locksmithing services. 

Providing residentia, auto and business support throughout NY is what we do. You should use (company name) as your locksmith experts. Our total focus is on providing the best service anywhere we are called to. Here are some other reasons why you should choose us. 


24/7 availability

We are available anywhere in NY when you need us. Whether it is residentia service or a project scheduled for your office weeks ahead of time, or a situation that requires immediate attention, you will receive the same level of dedicated service. Our advanced dispatch system allows us to quickly assign the best technician for your specific needs. 

Rapid response

Our technicians know the New York Metropolitan area very well. They have serviced residentia units, offices, industrial facilities and vehicles throughout the region and always plan ahead, to be on time, wherever they are scheduled to go. 

Superior customer service

A major part of providing outstanding customer service is to be able to listen to what our customers expect. Another equally important part is to be able to effectively communicate solutions and implement them. Everyone in the company understands that customer satisfaction is at the top of the list of the things that we do. 

Whenever you interact with anyone in the company, you will have the opportunity to be heard and question any recommendation. We believe it is important for you to understand that the technician is focused on providing the best solution for you at an affordable price and as quickly as possible.

Reasonable pricing

Superior service at reasonable rates is a cornerstone of our business. We value your patronage and completely understand matching the importance of competitive pricing with the high level of service that we offer. 

Highly skilled technicians

Each of our service professionals is trained on all aspects of locksmithing. They have considerable experience in installing and maintaining all of the products and services that we support. Additionally, we stay current on advances in locksmithing, especially those areas that involved technology, such as Smart Keys.

Service guarantee

We will do our best to clearly communicate to you what you can expect from us. We strive to make sure that our high standards of service match your expectations. If you ever have a concern, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can make it right. 

We believe that our service is the best in the NY Metropolitan area and want to prove it to you. Your feeling safe and satisfied with our service is most important to us. 

Free estimates

Part of meeting expectations of the highest quality service is for you to receive a free estimate on the cost of any work we perform. Providing an estimate upfront allows us to focus on the job at hand and for you to have peace-of-mind in knowing what the cost of the work will be. 

Coverage throughout the NY Metro Area

We are a part of your community and the Greater New York Metropolitan area. Providing service to the NY region while also working with our friends and associates in our hometowns is an important motivator for us to do a good job all of the time. 

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