Your house contains not only your family and loved ones but also your valued possessions. Securing your home requires vigilance. By keeping your home secure you not only protect your family and valuables but also contribute to living in a safe community. Nothing deters criminals more than knowing that they cannot get into a house. So when something happens to a lock in your home, you need to have it taken care of right away. 

We are there when you need us. Maybe you are dealing with a lock out from your house. Or perhaps you need a new lock installed or an existing one repaired. Putting off having locksmith work done only leaves your house, your possessions and your family more vulnerable. 

This is why you should only trust securing your residence to the most reliable locksmiths in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. (company name) is available to consult on whatever you need for your residentia unit as well as offer you a free quote and service guarantee


Many New York area homeowners focus on the appearance of the locks they want on their home and not how secure they are. Having a nice looking door and lock is understandable as we all want our homes to look welcoming for family and guests. Unfortunately, many homeowners hold the belief that once you get past the looks, all locks are generally the same on the inside. 

This is an incorrect assumption. Locks are graded using durability as a primary factor. The American National Standards Institute grades locks based on their ability to withstand repeated use not fail during repeated attempts to break down a door. Grade 1 locks are the best for residential use. 

One of the most important considerations for residentia locks is to make sure you use more than one type of lock. Many homeowners don’t consider using bump proof locks or deadbolt locks. Both of these types of locks offer additional protection and should be used in any residentia unit. 

Helping you select which lock is best for you is just one area where we can assist you in securing your home. After the lock has been selected, our professional technician will install it. This team work in reviewing all of your options and our installing the lock for you will give you peace of mind that your house is as secure as it can be.


Smart key system locks are locks that are programmable to be able to allow or deny access to those holding physical keys programmed for that specific lock. They add a layer of security for those people who may have given out keys but who later do not want the person to get in. When it is impossible to retrieve keys from someone, a smart key system means that it is not necessary to get the it back. The lock still protects the property. 

An example where this can be used effectively is when someone rents out space in their house. They may have a tenant who moves out but does not leave the keys. Or, maybe someone who owns a timeshare rental and wants to make sure that a renter does not access the residence when it is not their scheduled time. 

In addition to installation, we can also assist when you need to reset your locks or are having difficulties with the system. Problems may happen and if they do, it will save you time to keep our number handy. We’re available anytime, day or night, at (718) 682-7766.


Often, when someone is locked out of their home, they may spend some time thinking of ways to get in without having to call someone. Some, even go so far as to break a window or damage a back door to gain access. While the anxiety of being locked out is understandable, the need for rash and costly decisions is unnecessary. 

(company name) can get you back into your house quickly without the expense of replacing windows or doors. Our service area covers the Greater New York Metropolitan area so a qualified and understanding technician can be out to help you quickly get back into your home. 


A common problem people have with residential locks is accidentally breaking keys off in them. Residentia homeowners who like to be a do-it-yourself type will often replace the entire lock because they don’t have the tools to extract the broken key. This costly repair is not necessary. We have the tools to work with any lock on the market and can have someone come out and remove the broken key without the need to replace the lock. x`

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