Business owners have many concerns when it comes to the safety and security of their employees, facilities and resources. Unlike a homeowner, who may just have a lock on the front and back doors of their residence, a business owner has additional needs to make sure they have a secure office and other facilities. Needs that go way beyond just locking the front and back doors. 

Our highly trained professional staff understands that you want to manage your business and not get bogged down in those areas of management that you should use outside services for. One of those areas is locksmithing. Look to us as your business partner in the NY area, and rely on us to take care of all of your locks, keying and installation needs. 

Fly locksmith new york is the leading provider of commercial locksmith services in the greater New York Metropolitan Area. We work with area businesses in both industrial and office environments to provide affordable, high quality service. Call our office for a consultation and free estimate for all of your commercial needs. 


Business owners and facility managers will tell you that locks break, keys break, and because of employee turnover or facility reconfigurations, there may be an ongoing need for locksmith services. Having one-stop to manage all of these changes is very helpful. We have several long term relationships with New York area companies that look to us to keep up with the need to install and change locks. As well as installing and maintaining things like bump proof locks and deadbolt locks, we offer guidance on what might be best for your company


Whether you need duplicate keys made immediately, or by next week, we are your reliable source. One of our technicians will come to your NY area location, when it is most convenient for you, and take care of all of your duplication needs, even if it is necessary to replace a lock and provide duplicates. We’re your first and only stop. 


Many businesses have gotten away from using standard keys and have begun issuing a FOB or smart keys to employees and others who need access to their facilities. Doing so allows them to have greater control over who is allowed to get in and what times of day they are permitted entry. Smart keys or a FOB can be deactivated without having to be in possession of the physical key or card. This makes it safe for the business owner who may not want to confront someone to retrieve keys. 

Smart Keys – There are two types of smart keys. The first is related to vehicles and is used as a security system where the key communicates with the car in order to allow operation. Unlike an older car, where you could operate it if you managed to start the car using an improvised device, smart keys require you to have a programmed chip that communicates with the car using sensors. Nothing is actually inserted into the ignition. 

The other type is used in residences and businesses. This type does use a physical key. The difference is in the lock. A lock can be reprogrammed so that any key not programmed with the changes cannot be used. 

A business owner who uses this system in their facility can change the lock and render the key useless. Standard keys may be copied or held on to by people like former employees and vendors who could still access the facility. Smart keys are ideal for the busy business owner or for any company that has a lot of employee turnover. 

FOB – A FOB is a small electronic device that communicates with a sensor monitoring for access control. The FOB is typically a small device that can be attached to a chain or they can be credit card sized devices that can be kept in a wallet. 
A FOB can be used for access to a computer or access to a facility. Terms like access cards and fobs are interchangeable. They all serve the same function. To allow or deny safe access based on how they are programmed. 

Business owners that install and manage these systems benefit from being able to manage their security from any location. They simply go into a computer program and assign or revoke access rights to someone they have assigned a FOB to. They can even setup their environment for many doors and have different levels of access setup for each door. 

Using these types of smart keys in conjunction with bump proof locks and deadbolt locks make any facility more secure. 


Sometimes a business owner will be tasked with the need to replace office locks and storage space locks. What typically happens is an employee will leave the company and take the keys with them. Deadbolt locks, office doors, storage space and even desk locks may have to be replaced or new keys created. 

The most important thing to remember is that (company name) has a solution for any commercial locksmith needs. No matter where you are located in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area and no matter what your locksmithing needs are, we are here to help at any time, day or night.

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