There are almost as many different types of auto locks as there are auto models. Rapidly changing technology means the NY area company that you choose to handle your auto locksmithing needs is very important. Partnering with a company that is competent, reliable, affordable, and available when you need service is vital. (company name) has the best trained professionals ready to deal with any auto locksmith issue that may come up. We are the best branded car key maker in the NY metropolitan region. 

Auto locksmith needs generally involve keys that no longer work, or have gone missing. Worse still is when you can see the keys but they are in the ignition and you are outside of a locked car. While your initial thought may be to stress out over it and yell, you should try to remain calm and remember reading this page and the part where it was suggested that you put our number, (718) 682-7766 in your phone. We can help with any lock out situation that comes up. 

Call us whether it is an emergency or if you have any questions about how to fix any issue related to locks in your vehicle. 


Each year, there are nearly 20 million keys that are lost in the United States. The NY Daily News reports that car keys are at the top of the list of things around the house that Americans lose. Second on the Daily News’ list, house keys. You may have already lost keys but if you have not, chances are you will. This is why it makes sense to keep our number handy. One call to (718) 682-7766 is all you need to get your keys replaced anywhere in the NY metropolitan area. 

As a branded car key maker, we can provide you with replacement keys for almost every foreign and domestic model vehicle. Our technicians are well trained to make sure you get the right keys for the right vehicle. All of this is provided at a fair price and with prompt service. 


Most cars produced in the last 20 years require programming keys in order to work with different types of ignitions and security systems. Replacing broken keys or performing a lock change is no longer a matter of just matching up the grooves and cutting a duplicate. Now keys have to be connected to a computer. Once connected, software communicates with the microchip in the key. Once programmed correctly, the microchip communicates with the car and serves as an added layer of protection for the owner of the vehicle. 

In order to be able to replace these sophisticated keys you need to have a professional trained on how each one is programmed for each car model. This is not a task you should leave to an ordinary locksmith. Having a professional, with many years of experience in programming keys, take care of your needs will save you time, money and alleviate anxiety.


Sometimes, it is necessary to repair or maybe even replace the ignition. If this situation where a lock change is needed comes up, remember that the best person for the job is almost always the most qualified. Look to us as the best in class for work on your ignition. The dealership may be able to do it but chances are the person doing the work is not specialized in this area. They know engines and brakes and other components very well. We are the experts in safe locksmithing in the New York metropolitan area. We know exactly what you need when it comes to ignition repair and replacement. 


Has this happened to you? You cannot access the trunk from the inside and you have either lost the trunk key or it does not work in the trunk lock? Or perhaps it broke off in the trunk. Not to worry when you have (company name) available. We will come to your location, unlock and open up the trunk, and if necessary, replace any broken components.


If we could pick and choose the place and the time when we would lose our car keys or find ourselves with a broken vehicle lock, it would probably be during the day and next to a locksmith’s shop. But we all know life throws us curveballs. We need to stay safe and be able to manage problems as they arise. 

For locksmithing needs, storing our number, (718) 682-7766, in your phone is the first step. That way, no matter when you need lock change service, you’ll have the number ready to dial and get help sent to you right away. Call us 24/7, for any locksmith need in the greater NY metropolitan area.

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